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Collective Bargaining

One of the most important obligations of a school board is to negotiate contracts with employee representatives that are aligned with the district’s vision for education, the needs of students, and the expectations of the community.


As Vermont’s school children enter the ever more complex and competitive global economy, teachers, administrators and school board members recognize that solutions to problems that public schools faced in the past may not be the solutions to the challenges of the future.


Public education in Vermont now must confront a wide range of obstacles including a steep decline in student enrollment, high per pupil costs, the cost of current staffing levels, state budget deficits and public concern over high property tax burdens. While education professionals can overcome certain issues via high-level policy changes and new teaching methodologies, solutions to other problems will be linked to more prudent use of available financial resources along with more effective and innovative management of school staff resources, which are commonly addressed in labor negotiations.


The VSBA has a range of supports and services available to support boards in fulfilling this critical function:


  • The VSBA Master Agreement Search System is a complete database of contracts including all teacher, support staff, office staff, maintenance staff in Vermont as well as many administrator contracts, fact finder reports, and non-union agreements. You may filter contracts by Supervisory Union/School District, county, type of school, district size, type of contract (Teacher, Fact Finder Report, etc), contract years, current/expired contracts and/or specific wording within the contract.  This service is available to all supervisory unions in Vermont for an annual subscription fee.  For more information, or to request a subscription, contact Kerri Lamb at

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