Our Public Policy Work

The VSBA represents our membership through our work in the General Assembly and through public policy development with the Agency of Education, the State Board of Education and other partner education organizations.


The Vermont General Assembly typically meets annually from the first week of January until May or early June, depending on the demands of the legislative session. The VSBA engages with the General Assembly on issues affecting education.

During the Legislative Session, VSBA will provide regular updates through:


1. VSBA Legislative Blog:  Weekly posts during the legislative session will be included in VSBA's weekly update. 

  • Links to related documents will be provided in the blog text

  • Blog posts will be provided in text and audio recording (podcast)


2.  Legislative Reports:  Lengthy, detailed reports provided three times per session: at the start, middle and end of the session (see links to Legislative Reports below).

2021-2022 VSBA Resolutions

passed by the VSBA membership

Resolutions are positions taken by the association on issues of importance to Vermont school boards. They may include recommendations for action by the VSBA, local school boards, the Legislature, the Executive Branch of Vermont government, or other decision making bodies. ​

Education Legislative Report



Education Legislative Blog/Podcast


Helpful Links:

Questions about the VSBA’s advocacy should be directed to Sandra Cameron at scameron@vtvsba.org.