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Windham Southwest Superintendent Search

Join our team at Windham Southwest Supervisory Union (WSWSU) and take the helm in coordinating a dynamic PreK-12 educational program across our five exceptional schools nestled in the scenic landscapes of Windham County, Vermont. With a dedicated staff of 204 professionals and a student body exceeding 600 learners, you'll spearhead the educational vision for:

  • Twin Valley Elementary School (Grades PK-5, Enrollment: 207)

  • Twin Valley Middle High School (Grades 6-12, Enrollment: 187)

  • Stamford Elementary School (Grades K-8, Enrollment: 67)

  • Readsboro Central School (Grades K-6, Enrollment: 36)

  • Halifax School (Grades K-8, Enrollment: 69)


Our administrative hub resides in picturesque Wilmington, Vermont, surrounded by the natural beauty of rural landscapes. As a cohesive unit comprising four school districts and the Supervisory Union, we operate under the guidance of six dedicated school boards.


We're on the lookout for a visionary leader, well-versed in educational trends, to champion our student-centered approach across all levels. Our ideal candidate will serve as a passionate advocate for WSWSU schools, embodying our values of inclusivity and educational excellence.


Moreover, as we embark on various facility projects, including ongoing PCB Remediation efforts and a forthcoming 5-year strategic plan, we seek a candidate experienced in overseeing construction projects and adept at managing school and district operations efficiently. Our strategic plan focuses on fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion while enhancing key skills among staff and students, including adaptability, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, empathy, and responsibility.

Candidates with a proven track record in the following areas will receive priority consideration:

  • Leadership: A unifying, respectful, and genuine communicator who fosters collaboration and community partnership.

  • Diversity and Equity: A champion for inclusivity, advocating for all stakeholders within our educational ecosystem.

  • Advocacy: An effective advocate for local interests, engaging with various stakeholders and fostering positivity within the district.

  • Accountability: A proactive leader committed to action and fostering accountability among team members.

  • Accessibility: An approachable, transparent, and compassionate leader energized by community engagement.


As Superintendent, your responsibilities will include:

  • Articulating and advancing a shared mission, vision, and core values of quality education, with a strong emphasis on our Strategic Plan.

  • Upholding ethical and professional conduct aligned with industry standards.

  • Ensuring equal educational opportunities and culturally responsive practices for all students.

  • Developing and implementing rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices.

  • Cultivating a supportive and inclusive school community.

  • Enhancing the professional development of school personnel and fostering a culture of collaboration.

  • Facilitating meaningful engagement with families and the community for mutual benefit and growth.


Join us in shaping the future of education at WSWSU and making a profound impact on the lives of our students, staff, and community members.

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