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"The service helped us better understand the duties of a superintendent in Vermont and how that should be viewed by the board."

-Milton Town School District

Board Member

“It was very helpful for us to meet and discuss what was important in an evaluation process.”


-Lamoille South Supervisory Union Board Member

Superintendent Evaluation

The evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools is vital to an effective school organization. The School Board is responsible for defining organizational outcomes that are clearly and explicitly stated in order to; (1) ensure the Superintendent understands what is expected of her/him; and (2) ensure the School Board understands what to expect of the Superintendent. These two points characterize a working relationship with mutual accountability.


The Supervisory Union/Supervisory District Board has the authority and responsibility to evaluate the Superintendent. (16 VSA sect. 241), and is responsible for an evaluation process that is objective, targeted, and based on information from sources that are qualified to provide feedback.


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VSBA evaluation service:
Why use the Vermont School Boards Association?
  • The VSBA knows Vermont education. We know the complexities of Vermont’s system.


  • The VSBA is often connected with the board through other supports and services and can quickly get up to speed in moving forward with an effective process.

  • Continuously improves the functioning of the District/Supervisory Union;

  • Clarifies the expectations and authority of the Superintendent;

  • Provides feedback to the Superintendent regarding performance in key areas;

  • Provides the groundwork for establishing future goals;

  • Strengthens the relationship between the Superintendent and the Board.

For further information or to request assistance with an evaluation, contact:

Sue Ceglowski, Executive Director at or 800-244-8722

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