The VSBA is Seeking to Contract with an Equity Consultant


We are excited to announce our search for an ideal candidate who will support the work of school boards in their efforts to advance educational equity. Collaboration will start in late October with initial training in early November.  Following training, the consultant will provide support to school boards across the State of Vermont, on an as-needed basis and coordinated by the VSBA.


The ideal candidate is someone who:

  1. Has working knowledge of adult learning principles;

  2. Understands the work of school boards or is willing to learn about the work of school boards;

  3. Is firmly grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion and acknowledges that educational disparities exist and has an expressed interest in pursuing educational equity;

  4. Has a basic understanding of the that role race, ethnicity, gender, poverty, ability, geographic location, etc., plays in student access and outcomes;

  5. Can create inclusive environments for underrepresented or marginalized people, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, immigrant, non-Christian, non-English speaking, and people with disabilities;

  6. Possesses basic facilitation skills with the ability to redirect individuals or reframe conversations to maintain a productive learning environment; and

  7. Can handle conflict or challenge with professionalism.


Please send a letter of interest and resume or curriculum vitae to Sandra Cameron by Friday, October 14th

Contact Sandra Cameron at with any questions.  

VSBA Staff

Sue Ceglowski

Executive Director


  • Overall internal and external management

  • Governmental relations/advocacy

  • Consultation for boards

  • Facilitate superintendent evaluations

  • Primary liaison with external stakeholders

  • Direct assistance with all other aspects of operation



Kerri Lamb

Director of Operations


  • Provide financial and accounting services, human resource support, and data management services

  • Manage VSBA board member communications

  • VSBA event coordination

  • Website maintenance and advancement

  • Desktop publishing (virtual and hard copy design)

  • Creating & editing videos and podcasts

  • Marketing the association, services and events


Sandra Cameron

Associate Executive Director


  • Governmental relations/advocacy (legislative coalition, blog, reports)

  • Educational Equity Lead

  • Oversee Model Policy Manual & Policy Services

  • Coordinate the work of the Resolutions Committee

  • Collaborate with Education Partners on Professional Development

  • Supervise Legislative Analyst and Student Intern

  • Assist with the VSBA strategic planning

  • Direct assistance with all other aspects of operation

Phil Gore

Director of Board Services


  • Manage the VSBA’s programs directed to school boards and provide members with comprehensive information and guidance

  • Design an annual curriculum of training for school board members 

  • Deliver educational workshops in multiple formats

  • Coordinate publication of member updates and newsletters

  • Manage contracts with external consultants

  • Facilitate superintendent evaluations