VSBA Staff

Sue Ceglowski

Executive Director

Email: sceglowski@vtvsba.org                                                                            

  • Overall internal and external management

  • Governmental relations/advocacy

  • Consultation for boards

  • Direct assistance with all other aspects of operation



Kerri Lamb

Director of Operations

Email: klamb@vtvsba.org

  • Provide financial and accounting services

  • Manage VSBA board member communications

  • VSBA event coordination

  • Provide human resource and data management services

  • Website maintenance and advancement

  • Desktop publishing (virtual and hard copy design)

  • Creating & editing videos and podcasts

  • Marketing the association, services and events


Sandra Cameron

Director of Public Policy

Email: scameron@vtvsba.org                                                        

  • Governmental relations/advocacy

  • Direct assistance with all other aspects of operation

  • Develop Legislative Reports

  • Complete Policy Reviews

  • Coordinate the work of the Resolutions Committee

  • Collaborate with Education Partners on Professional Development

  • Conference planning

Phil Gore

Director of Board Services

Email: pgore@vtvsba.org                                                        

  • Manages all aspects of the VSBA’s programs directed to school boards for improving understanding and execution of their work

  • Designs an annual curriculum of training for school board members 

  • Delivers educational workshops in multiple formats and through varied media, including evening onsite workshops, daylong seminars, webinars and conferences.

  • Coordinates publication of member updates and newsletters

  • Manages contracts with external consultants

  • Provides school board members with comprehensive information and guidance in response to inquiries made by telephone, in writing, and/or email

  • Facilitates superintendent evaluations