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Superintendent Search

Successful education systems depend on exceptional leaders. Hiring a superintendent may be the most important decision a board makes. The VSBA is pleased to provide comprehensive superintendent search services to assist boards in this all-important endeavor.


The VSBA will assist the board and the screening committee by facilitating meetings and organizing the search process. Throughout the process, the board sets criteria and retains control of key decisions, with the VSBA assuring that a healthy process is established and facilitated, and key details are completed in an effective and timely way.

Let us help you find your 
needle in a hay stack.
Search services include:
  • Facilitating all essential tasks

  • Working with the SU/SD board to organize a projected timeline, budget, screening committee selection process and screening committee charge

  • Assisting with the development of a community needs assessment

  • Assisting with advertising through various media resources

  • Developing screening committee meeting agendas and interview schedules

  • Assuring effective communication with all applicants

  • Guiding the screening process

  • Organizing the reference check process

  • Managing semi-finalist and finalist visits to the community

  • Coordinating the search process with the Secretary of Education

  • When requested, assisting the board with  of a goal-setting/evaluation session

Why use the Vermont School Boards Association?
  • The VSBA knows Vermont education. We know the complexities of Vermont’s system.


  • The VSBA is often connected with the board through other supports and services and can quickly get up to speed in moving forward with an effective process.


  • The VSBA has countless connections within the Vermont education community, which can help in assuring the best possible match between the needs of a district and the strengths of particular candidates.

For further information or to request assistance with a search, contact: Sue Ceglowski or 802-223-3580

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