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Strategic Planning


On a regular basis, a school board should assess its performance, set goals and implement systems to monitor progress.  This on-going cycle enables the board to fulfill its role of providing a high quality education to all students and insuring that taxpayers get a good return on their investment.  This cycle of continuous improvement serves as an example of effective strategic planning. 

The VSBA process for strategic planning is organized in three phases:

Phase I:

Agree on Core Values and Beliefs

  • Discuss who we are, what’s important to us and what we want to achieve

  • Review and discuss current state and federal initiatives

  • Review and discuss current plans

    • School District, Administrative Team, Superintendent and Board 

      • Vision, Mission, Goals and Work/Action Plans

Phase II:

Draft Strategic Plan and Board Work Plan

  • Review and discuss how the strategic plan will inform the work of the leadership team

  • Create a timeline and benchmarks to help the school board and administration assess progress on the strategic plan.

Phase III:

Finalize, Present and Implement the Strategic Plan and Board Work Plan

  • Establish communication strategies for sharing the plan and accomplishments with internal and external stakeholders

  • Create a process to annually update the strategic plan

For further information or to request planning services, contact Sue Ceglowski or 802-223-3580

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