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2023 Regional School Board Meeting

The Vermont School Boards Association holds regional meetings for its members each fall.   The purpose is to conduct the business of the statewide association as well as to provide information and board development opportunities to school board members throughout the state. 

This year the regional meetings will be held via Zoom. All of the meetings begin at 6:00pm with elections to the VSBA Board of Directors followed by our program. This meeting will not be recorded. We have coordinated the regional meetings to avoid all school board meetings (unless they were rescheduled at a later date). We hope you will be able to attend.

If you are not sure which region you are in, please visit: the VSBA Governance page.

The program portion of the meeting will be:

Vermont’s First in Nation PCB Testing Program for Schools

Vermont’s PCB testing program for schools is a major initiative that affects nearly every district in the state. Whether your district has completed PCB testing or you’re in line for future testing, it’s important to understand the requirements and funding of this complex program. A panel of experts will provide important information, including:

  • legal requirements and process of the PCB testing program, 

  • status of testing (schools already tested and what lies ahead for those in line), 

  • current results of testing,

  • fiscal and operational effects on districts where levels exceed the standard,

  • funding available for remediation, removal and (if necessary) relocation costs, and 

  • the latest on pending litigation initiated by the Attorney General’s Office

Guest speakers include:

  1. Representative Peter Conlon, Chair of the House Education Committee

  2. Elaine Collins, Superintendent, North Country Supervisory Union

  3. Lauren Fierman, Superintendent, Two Rivers Supervisory Union

  4. Patricia Coppolino, Senior Environmental Program Manager, Vermont Dept of Environmental Conservation

  5. Jill Briggs Campbell, Federal Emergency Funds Program Manager, Vermont Agency of Education

  6. Charity Clark, Vermont Attorney General

  7. Justin Kolber, Chief of Environmental and Public Protection Division, Vermont Attorney General’s Office

Here are the registration links by region:

9/14/23 - Bennington

9/14/23 - Central Vermont

9/14/23 - Franklin/Grand Isle

9/14/23 - Kingdom North

9/21/23 - Kingdom South

9/21/23 - Rutland

9/12/23 - Western Chittenden

9/14/23 - Windham

9/14/23 - Windsor

We hope you will join us!

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