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Filling Board Vacancies

Whether you are a prospective school board member or a current board looking to fill a vacancy or propose a larger selection of candidates for the next election, please feel free to use any of the below materials in your local school newsletters, websites, social media or parent letters. 


The VSBA has created a business card sized handout that can be printed, cut and available to hand out to anyone interested in becoming a school board member. 

If some of these are printed and distributed to all board members and others they can be placed in a wallet, purse or other small places so that as people mention they may be interested the card can be pulled out and given.

  1. The law regarding the requirement to fill vacancies within 30 days. 16 V.S.A. §424

  2. The law regarding filling vacancies. 16 V.S.A. §731

  3. Suggestions for advertising

    • District website(s)

    • District social media

    • Parent newsletter/note​

    • Local newspaper

    • Announced at all board meetings

    • Local radio station announcements

    • Request an announcement in the town municipal newsletter

    • Posted in the town hall

    • Request the municipal meeting announces it

    • Post it in the local banks, grocery stores and convenient stores

    • Begin interviews at a board meeting and announce you will continue to take applications until _____.

Public Service Announcements
Thinking About Running?
(print ready brochure)
Hard copies can be mailed upon request.
Please email 

Webpage for Prospective Members
Press Release

Below you will find the press release sent to statewide media annually. Please feel free to use any pieces of it in your local school newsletters, websites or social media.

Interested in Running for Your School Board: Information for School Board Candidates Video presentation now available on the Vermont School Boards Association website


Vermont's more than 850 school board members work hard to ensure that our schools prepare students well for the opportunities ahead. They know that education is the key to success in life.


Vermont prides itself on the local ownership of education. The voters in each local district elect a school board to serve as trustees on their behalf - to assure high quality education for every student, and an excellent return on every taxpayer's investment. 


Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve the outcomes for all our students locally, regionally and state-wide.


Please consider running for your local school board. 

In order to provide candidates with an understanding of the role of the board and the responsibilities of board members, we have posted a video for school board candidates on our website.  The video addresses the following questions. 

               Why should I run for a seat on the school board? 
               What is the role and responsibilities of the school board? 
               How can I become a school board candidate? 

We encourage everyone who has decided, or is considering the opportunity to run for their school board to view this video presentation.


More than ever before, school board members perform a critical role by providing community-based governance that supports excellence in Vermont's public education system and strength in our communities.

Please consider running for your local school board. 


For more information about serving on your school board, contact the VSBA.  802-223-3580

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