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VEHI - Vermont Education Health Initiative

Vermont Education Health Initiative (VEHI) is a non-profit member-owned trust providing member school districts and their employees access to high quality and affordable health, life, disability and dental plans. 

Act 11 of 2018 makes the VSBA responsible for appointing three members to the VEHI board; the Vermont-NEA is responsible for appointing three as well.  The VSBA Board has authorized the Executive Committee to review applications and make appointments on behalf of the organization.  More detailed information about the VEHI board and board materials can be found here.


You can access information about VEHI on the VEHI website here.


The VSBA board has a practice of recording its meetings in order to ensure transparency and accountability to our members.  In that spirit, we are also recording VEHI board meetings, links to which can be found below:

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