Literacy, Meals, Facilities, School Discipline and more, plus an Invitation from Congressman Welch

Please note: Audio recording will be made available on Wednesday this week.

H.315 (COVID Relief bill), previously contained language that made specific appropriations from the ESSER set-aside funds allocation to the Agency of Education. Given the yet unknown needs of students and schools and due to the goal of federal relief funds extending over a period of three years, the House Education Committee has considered the removal of several of these appropriations. Due to unresolved issues within H.315 (unrelated to education) further floor action of this bill was postponed until Tuesday, April 6th while the House Appropriations Committee refined a strike-all amendment which would include $15 million appropriation to address indoor air quality and $4 million for afterschool and summer programs, as well as $5.5 million for summer meals.

The House Education Committee continued its conversation on literacy last week, working to sort out policy and funding provisions in S.114, H.101, and H.315. The Committee is now working to reconcile the differences between H.101 (the literacy bill passed out of the House) and S.114 (the literacy bill passed out of the Senate), using S.114 as the vehicle to merge the proposals presented in the two bills. Currently, S.114 allocates State Education Agency ESSER III Funds to a literacy grant program and a program manager to oversee that process, creates a Literacy Council, and reviews licensing and re-licensing standards as they pertain to literacy instruction.

S.75 proposes to require that students in public schools be screened for markers of dyslexia. The Senate Education Committee took