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New Board Member

The VSBA offers a two-session series for newly elected school board members each spring. The focus is on the six pillars of the essential work of school boards, including: creating a vision and engaging the community; establishing policy; creating a board/superintendent partnership; budgeting and providing financial oversight; monitoring progress and performance; and ensuring effective and ethical operations.

The two sessions will be conducted virtually in 2024 with no cost to attend. All new members are encouraged to attend
both sessions. As soo
n as the VSBA is notified of newly elected/appointed members, the VSBA mails a complimentary
copy of The Essential Work of Vermont School Boards to new board members, which is used throughout the training. If
a new member doesn’t receive a copy, contact Kerri Lamb.


Participation in this new board member academy helps boards comply with DQS Governance Protocol 113.2.4: “The
Board undertakes its own continuous learning and development and provides members with opportunities for ongoing
training and support to maintain and increase their skills and understanding.”


5:30 - 7:30pm via Zoom
5:30 - 7:30pm via Zoom

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