Mid-session Education Legislative Report

Every year, the House and Senate establish a date for “crossover,” which is a deadline by which bills need to be voted out of the committee to which a bill was initially assigned in order to be under active consideration. Legislative Committees are moving quickly to vote out respective Senate and House bills, which must be reported out by Friday, March 12, 2021. Bills referred to the committees on Appropriations, Finance, and Ways and Means (known as the “money committees”) must be reported out by Friday, March 19. If you would like to advocate around a bill in the House or Senate, this is the time. In the next two weeks, bills will speed through the committee process or will end up “staying on the wall” for possible future consideration.

The General Assembly will observe "Town Meeting Break" during the week of March 1st. The next legislative blog update is expected to be March 15th.