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Annual Reorganization Meeting Checklist


  1. All board members elected at the annual school district meeting take oath of office (usually by the town clerk)

  2. Board members review the Essential Work of the School Board



  1. Superintendent calls the meeting to order and facilitates the election of the board chair

  2. Elections & Appointments

    • Officers

      • Board Chair (ONLY one)

        • Once the chair is elected, he/she facilitates the remainder of the meeting.

      • Vice Chair (optional, but best practice)

      • Clerk

    • Supervisory union board representatives (if necessary)

    • Committees

      • Distribute the standing committee charges

      • Discuss and/or make changes to the charges

      • Appoint board member(s) to each committee

  3. Operational decisions

    • Set regular board meeting schedule

    • Schedule annual board work session (retreat)

    • Designate places for posting meeting agendas & minutes

    • Agree on whether to use Robert’s Rules for Small Boards

    • Discuss and adopt Code of Ethics

    • Identify communications practices

    • Discuss board development opportunities and attendance

    • Discuss local and statewide education advocacy responsibilities

    • Designate newspaper for notification of meetings

    • Each SU/SD has the ability to cast one vote to ratify the agreement reached by the statewide healthcare bargaining commission. Please be sure to add appointment of the SU/SD's voting delegate for statewide health insurance to the first meeting of your SU/SD board, as the ratification process requires each SU/SD to notify the VSBA of the name, telephone number and e-mail address of its voting delegate by April 1.  

Reminder: An elected board member may NOT be paid for any services within the supervisory union/supervisory district unless they have authorization from the Vermont Secretary of Education.

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