2017 Conference Sponsors


Since 1978, VSBIT has been serving Vermont schools by offering cost effective and innovative risk management services.  Our philosophy is to offer programs and services only if our presence will make a meaningful difference in preserving the educational resources of our members.  For more information visit our website at www.vsbit.org.


The VERMONT STUDENT ASSISTANCE CORPORATION is unique in its scope and role. Created by the Vermont Legislature in 1965 as a public nonprofit agency, we advocate for students and their families to ensure that they have the information, the counseling and the financial aid to achieve their education goals.


We begin by helping families save for education. Our counselors work with students in nearly every Vermont middle school and high school, and again as adults. Our financial aid programs attract national recognition, and our loan programs and loan forgiveness programs are saving Vermont families thousands of dollars in interest.


EDUCATION NETWORKS OF AMERICA (ENA) is the nation’s leading provider of managed data, voice, and video solutions to school systems, libraries and governments. ENA makes the process of reaching and using valuable information as easy and reliable as turning on the lights. Contact Information: Tim Wigmore, Account Service Manager, twigmore@ena.com,

(802) 282-4454, www.ena.com

The ABBEY GROUP provides food services management to schools throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. They provide, through their direct farmer connections, menus that feature produce from truly local gardens, fresh salad bars, great deli selections along with the great daily specials we provide each and every day. Lo-fat menu pre-


parations along with our commitment to provide a strong whole wheat presence in all our selections, guarantees your children will be served a health meal each and every day! For more information, please e-mail David Underwood (david@abbeygroup.net) or call


ALPINE ACHIEVEMENT is an Internet-based data management, analysis and analytics/early alert system designed specifically for K-12 education. Alpine integrates state and large-scale assessment data, locally developed assessments, attendance, behavior, grades, and all student plans (Personalized Learning, ELL, RTI, 504, Advanced Learning Plans, etc.)  Performance tasks, 21st Century skills, social/emotional learning, competency tracking, and standards can be included as well. Powerful yet easy-to-use tools like dashboards, student portfolios, data walls, rosters, summary reports, progress monitoring and intervention tracking quickly transform data into useful information for instructional decision-making. Alpine seamlessly syncs with your student information system and is fully hosted, web-based, and is accessible on any device. Alpine has been successfully supporting clients for nearly 18 years, working with thousands of schools in hundreds of districts nationally and internationally. 


VOATZ is an award winning startup based in the Boston area. Its innovative and highly secure mobile voting platform has been used by nearly 50,000 voters in various elections and voting events in multiple jurisdictions as well as by several state parties, colleges, unions and non-profits.


The Voatz platform focuses on providing cutting-edge security alongside an easy to use interface to enable voters to vote in-person or remotely in a convenient manner. Voatz has been recognized with several recent awards some of which include the 2017 Harvard Social Enterprise Conference Prize, the 2016 MIT Startup Spotlight Cult Favorite Prize, the 1st Prize at SXSW Citrix Hackathon, the Mass Innovation Nights Audience Favorite Prize and recently graduated from the 2017 Techstars Startup Accelerator program in Boston. Learn more on https://voatz.com or contact us via email at info@voatz.com.

BLACK RIVER DESIGN is a full-service architecture firm based in Montpelier. We have partnered with districts in Vermont for over 30 years to create schools that work for their students, teachers and the wider community. Our areas of expertise include: current trends in educational architecture and planning, curriculum and instruction, campus safety, bond vote strategy, science, performing arts, athletics, and more. The design process at Black River Design is collaborative and inclusive to build consensus and secure a successful bond vote.  We believe that schools are a vital building block in their communities.  For more information, contact: John Hemmelgarn, Partner at: (802) 223-2044 or johnh@blackriverdesign.com


The McCLURE FOUNDATION, a supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation, is guided by a vision of a vibrant Vermont economy in which no promising job goes unfilled for lack of a qualified applicant. The Foundation has awarded more than $3 million since 2008 in support of that goal via grants that build equitable access to the education and training pathways that lead to Vermont’s promising jobs. Through grants and convenings, the foundation continues the family tradition of project-oriented, collaborative philanthropy practiced by its founders, J. Warren and Lois McClure. To learn more about the foundation, visit www.mcclurevt.org.


The VERMONT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is a family of hundreds of funds and foundations, including the J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation, established by Vermonters to serve their charitable goals. It provides the advice, investment vehicles, and back-office expertise to make giving easy and inspiring. The Foundation also provides leadership in giving by responding to community needs, mobilizing and connecting philanthropists to multiply their impact, and by keeping Vermont’s nonprofit sector vital with grants and other investments in the community. Visit www.vermontcf.org or call 802-388-3355 for more information.