The Vermont School Boards Association exists to achieve Vermont’s vision for public education by supporting local boards to serve as effective trustees for education on behalf of their communities, and by providing a strong collective voice in the development and implementation of public education policy.

VSBA Master Agreement Search System

The VSBA is offering a new service. We have a complete database of contracts including all teacher, support staff, office staff, maintenance staff in Vermont as well as many administrator contracts, fact finder reports, and non-union agreeements. You may filter contracts by Supervisory Union/SchoolDistrict, county, type of school, district size, type of contract (Teacher, Fact Finder Report, etc), contract years, current/expired contracts and/or specific wording within the contract.

This service is available to all supervisory unions in Vermont.

School Board
Professional Development

  1. Essential Work of Vt School Boards
    March 23 thru May 31
    Rutland, Springfield, Lyndon, Winooski,
    Manchester, Montpelier, Webinar
  2. Teacher Contract Negotiations
    Bringing Balance to the Bargaining Table
    March 28 - May 2
    Workshop flyer
    4 dates/opportunities to participate
    Lyndon, Springfield, Winooski, Rutland
  3. Planning a Board Retreat
    May 12
    FREE Webinar
  4. Board Chair/Superintendent Training
    May 20, 2015
    Lake Morey

Putting Students at the Center:
Celebrating VT’s Vision for Learning

Please join us as high school students and their teachers talk about how they are helping their schools and communities embrace Act 77, and what they are doing to put students at the center of the vision for a vibrant Vermont. 

The Vermont School Boards Association is a partner in the Shaping Our Future Together statewide campaign to build momentum for school change.

DATE: April 29, 2015
TIME: 2:00–3:30 pm
PLACE: Room 11, Vermont State House.

PLEASE RSVP to Erin Dezell at

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A changing world demands a changed education system

2014 Situational Analysis

  • Situational Analysis PowerPoint
  • Secretary of Education Presentation


    Strategic Solutions & Opportunities for Leaders
    A Guide to Vermont REDs, Voluntary Mergers and Joint Ventures

    This Guide is structured as a companion document to the Vermont Agency of Education’s Facilitating and Achieving Joint Ventures and Mergers Under Act 153/Act 156: A Manual for School Districts and Merger Consultants. While the Manual is intended as the more in-depth resource, this Guide is designed as an abbreviated and practical stepping-off place for school leaders as they begin the important dialogues over options for altered governance structures affecting local and regional education.

    Acrobat version of guide: MERGER GUIDE


    Guide to Student Voice in Education Governance

    This guide is intended to provide school boards and administrators with general guidance and information to assist them in engaging students on public school boards. It includes information to consider when debating the inception, preparing the board and the youth for the taskand implementation. This document should not be relied upon for legal advice. We recommend all boards consult with their attorney if they have legal questions.

    Acrobat version of guide: STUDENT VOICE GUIDE

    Moving Vt Forward

    Vermont’s school boards are passionate about every child receiving an exceptional education. We know that the world is changing and that technology has opened dramatic new opportunities to enhance learning for our students.

    For the past several months, we have spoken at regional meetings and at our annual conference about the need to engage every child in education and prepare them for success in this fast-changing world. By most measures, Vermont has a very good education system compared to other states. At the same time, we know that there are too many students who do not engage in their education. We know that too few students go on to higher education and fewer still complete a degree. We know we have much to do to better prepare our students for the new economy that calls for highly skilled graduates who are proficient in literacy, science, math, critical thinking, and creativity.

    Moving education forward will require change on many levels—statewide leadership as evidenced by the Governor in his recent inaugural address, sound policy from the State Board, effective support from the new Agency, and most importantly, local implementation. Genuine, sustainable change comes community-by-community, school-by-school, through the creative efforts of teachers, through the education leadership of superintendents and principals, and through the commitment and focus of school boards. Vermont’s school boards are catalysts for change and create a climate that allows innovation to flourish among educators. We must be committed to moving education forward.

    VSBA & VSA Joint Agenda for a World Class Education

    Over the course of the fall, the Vermont School Boards Association and the Vermont Superintendents Association have put together a joint Agenda for Public Education. The comprehensive proposal, presented by board members and superintendents to a joint press conference on January 15, is available on this webpage. It focuses on how we engage every child in a world-class education. Specific proposals are being made in the areas of:

    • Focusing education on personalized learning and proficiency
    • A new vision for teaching and learning
    • Engaging and supporting families
    • Delivering and using world-class technology and information
    • Providing effective leadership

    To learn more about the Agenda for a World-Class Education System, please review the following documents:
    VSBA & VSA Press Release
    VSBA & VSA Agenda for a World-Class Education System
    Succinct Summary of Agenda Proposals


    The Essential Work of Vermont School Boards book is 134 pages. It is revised every three years. The current version was created in 2012. The next will be released in 2015. The price of the book is $15 plus $5 (each) shipping. The books are mailed with invoice. If you are a current board member the invoice will be mailed to your school district.



    The Vermont Education Lawbook is released annually in early December. Vermont School Boards Association holds a standing order list for the lawbook. If you are placed on the list you will receive a postcard in July/August of the release year to confirm your order.


    All books are shipped with an invoice with net 30 terms of payment.

    Would you like to be placed on the lawbook standing order list - no charge. We would mail you a postcard in August to verify an order for the upcoming year.



    Between September 15 and October 15, the VSBA convened six regional meetings which attracted more than 600 participants. The key focus of the meetings was “Education Equity, Opportunity, and Cost”. The sessions featured a showing of the video data presentation Situational Analysis of Public Education 2014, followed by an in-depth presentation by Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe. Attendees then engaged in discussion of two of our biggest challenges—addressing our rising cost per pupil which is driven largely by staff to student ratios and creating more equal opportunity across districts/supervisory unions. A summary of key themes and the full list of items generated at each meeting can also be found on the VSBA website.

    The ideas generated are general in nature. We urge boards to act on them locally/regionally as they assess their particular current circumstances. We also welcome any ideas you may have on statewide policy changes or service improvements which can help districts take needed action.

    Town Meeting Day is coming up quickly. The petition to have a name added to the ballet is in late January for most towns in Vermont. The VSBA is here to help!

    We have a candidates video available as well as a 30 second public service announcement and a 60 second public service announcement.

    Also, please consider viewing the Essential Work of Vermont School Boards streaming videos or the Essential Work of Vermont School Boards resource book among the many other pages found in this website. Good luck!