Assessing Equity with Data Webinar

Recorded on May 6, 2021

Featuring Jess DeCarolis and Patrick Halladay from the Vermont Agency of Education

Many school districts identify educational equity as a priority, as seen in their vision statements, mission statements, and/or annual goals. How do we work with administration to ensure implementation, and what can we monitor to track progress? We'll be joined by AOE experts Patrick Halladay, Director of Education Quality and Jess DeCarolis, Director of Student Pathways, who will help identify data sources that can be used to assess districts' current status and those that can aid in monitoring progress in student outcomes.

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The School Board's Role in

Hiring and Firing Employees

Recorded May 24, 2021

Boards have the statutory authority to hire and fire employees.  This training focuses on the proper board roles and responsibilities in those matters, how to comply with the procedures set forth in Vermont law, while avoiding discrimination and other common law claims, what can be publicly stated by the Board and its members and how to effectively conduct termination proceedings.

Acrobat Presentation (37 slides)

COVID Federal Emergency Funds Presentation and Information

Congress recently passed the American Rescue Plan Act, including $256 million in funds for Vermont supervisory unions and supervisory districts (ESSER III funds). 


Jill Briggs Campbell, COVID-19 Federal Emergency Funds Project Manager for the Agency of Education, prepared this COVID-19 Federal Emergency Funds Overview  and video presentation to provide school boards with guiding principles for strategic use of these one time funds.  The

overview includes links to useful resources, including the ESSER I, II and III allocations and information about other federal emergency funds.