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Annual Conference

2023 VSBA Annual Business Meeting

I.    Call to order
II.   Approval of the 2022 Minutes (Action)
III.  President’s Report (Accept)
IV.   Executive Director’s Report (Accept)
V.    Treasurer’s Report (Accept)
VI.   Bylaws Committee Report (Action)
VII.  Resolutions Committee Report (Action)

        Resolution Webinar
VII.  Other Business
IX.   Adjournment (Action)

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Governance Quality Standards

The VT Agency of Education’s (AOE) District Quality Standards, adopted earlier this summer, will go into effect on July 1, 2025. The official, adopted version can be found on the AOE’s website and linked here. Of particular note for Vermont school boards is Section 113 "Governance Standards" that outlines three categories of effective governance: priorities, protocols, and processes. 

  1. Governance Quality Standards

  2. Governance Quality Standards Self-Assessment

  3. Presentation

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