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COVID Federal Emergency Funds Presentation and Information

Congress recently passed the American Rescue Plan Act, including $256 million in funds for Vermont supervisory unions and supervisory districts (ESSER III funds). 


Jill Briggs Campbell, COVID-19

Federal Emergency Funds Project

Manager for the Agency of Education,

prepared this COVID-19 Federal

Emergency Funds Overview  and video

presentation to provide school boards

with guiding principles for strategic

use of these one time funds.  The

overview includes links to useful

resources, including the ESSER I, II

and III allocations and information

about other federal emergency funds.

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What's in those contracts?

Recorded on April 1, 2021

Whether you serve on your board’s negotiating committee or not, one of the most important roles of a school board is to approve the negotiated contract with collective bargaining units. So, it’s critically important that all board members understand the terms of the contract and their impact on budgets and expenditures moving

forward. Contract terms, including but not limited to the salary schedule with its infamous steps and columns, can be complicated and are often unfamiliar to board members who don’t have previous experience with contracts for school employees.