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Mini Grants for School Boards - Applications due October 17, 2022

As the next phase in our initiative addressing equity and anti-racism, the Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA), Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA), and Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA) are pleased to announce a 2nd round of “Equitable, Anti-Racist, and Inclusive Education Communities Mini-Grants”. With generous funding from the Vermont Community Foundation, this mini-grant program is to support the pursuit of more equitable and inclusive education communities. This second round of mini-grants is specially aimed at supporting school boards in their work toward more equitable, anti-racist, and inclusive communities.

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  • How much is the grant amount?

  • Who should apply?

  • What are the grant criteria? 

  • What is the grant period?

  • ​How do you apply and by when? 

  • What expectations and supports are there for grant recipients?

  • Who is the contact person for the school board equity mini-grants?