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Director of Board Services

The Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA) is seeking a Director of Board Services. This position manages all aspects of training for school boards, designs an annual curriculum of school board development, and delivers educational workshops in multiple formats and through varied media.


For more information about the position please see the detailed job description.  Resume, cover letter and list of three references should be submitted by February 15 to

The Governance Core:
School Boards, Superintendents, and Schools Working Well Together for Student Success

Speaker:  Davis Campbell

Date: January 12, 2023

This webinar guided school board members past difficult and formidable challenges. The recommendations outlined from this book can lead to boards and schools operating at the highest levels of effectiveness to support equitable experiences, opportunities, and outcomes for all students. This webinar called for school boards, superintendents and school leaders to work cohesively with a growth mindset that raises clarity and efficiency. Practical and authentic, the Governance Core is based upon:

  • governance mindset

  • shared moral imperative for all students

  • unified, cohesive governance system  

  • commitment to system-wide coherence 

  • focus on continuous improvement in the district 

NEW VSBA Beliefs, Vision & Mission

  1. That public education is the foundation of and for democracy.

  2. The VSBA represents school boards in Vermont.

  3. Public education in Vermont is critically important for a healthy democracy, is the engine that drives economic development, and is the core of a strong community.

  4. School boards and their communities need to understand the jobs, roles, and responsibilities of school boards and their members; and boards need to have professional development to be effective and efficient in their roles.

  5. Public education is the greatest equalizer.

  6. Education is a fundamental right.

  7. Vermont is a state where every student has equitable access to a world class public education, and our students are driven by their aspirations, through empowered school boards, who are ensuring student success.

  8. The VSBA is the glue that ties together local school boards, and is respectful of different positions of school boards.



The VSBA is the trusted leadership organization advancing the essential work of Vermont school boards so that each and every student is supported in their educational journey.



Develop and provide systems and resources that support school boards and their members, informed through inclusive community engagement.

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