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Welcome to the school board. Below you will find the video from our 2017 welcoming webinar. It was filmed live on March 21. 
Welcome Video
This webinar will be a welcome and introduction to the VSBA, its services and a brief description of the key items brand new board members want to study.
Video 30 Minutes
NEW! Prospective Member Video
This brief animated video provides information about the role of school board members and the logistics of getting elected.
Video 5 Minutes
Essential Work Tool Kit
This Toolkit is adapted from our publication, The Essential Work of Vermont School Boards. The documents and templates included in the Toolkit are a distillation of the key references and tasks for good governance in the six main areas of school board work.
VSBA web page
Essential Work of Vt School Boards

The workshop will review the role and responsibilities of a school board member, which include:

  • Building a shared a vision for education in the community.

  • Establishing policy parameters.

  • Hiring and working with a superintendent to lead and manage the district to achieve the vision.

  • Monitoring progress toward the vision, and assuring accountability for results

  • Developing and adopting a budget to support the vision.

  • Engaging the community in supporting the education of students.


NOTE: All VSBA webinars are free*. Anyone registering to attend a webinar will receive a link to the video of the webinar, all handouts and any answers to open ended questions following the event.  The $20 for the Essential Work of School Boards webinar covers the cost of materials.

*The $20 fee for the Essentials webinar is to cover the cost of the materials and its shipping.

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